ROC\IWXXM Implementation Workshop

ROC\IWXXM Implementation Workshop
(Cairo, Egypt 12-13 November 2017)
​Invitation Letter
​Work Programme
​List of Participants
​Outcome of the ROC/IWXXM Implementation Workshop
1​   Collaboration in the Development of IWXXM
2 WG-MIE Developments
3Outcome of Interregional APAC/EUR/MID SWIM Workshop
​4Guidelines for the Implementation of OPMET Data Exchange
​5Steps on IWXXM Implementation of
​6AMHS Profile for OPMENT IWXXM Data Exchange
​7Completeness of IWXXM 2 for Representing TAC
​8B1-AMET Implementation - IWXXM​​
​9IWXXM Bilateral Testing 
​10IWXXM implementation in ICAO EUR-Region
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