Fourth Meeting of the Runway and Ground Safety Working Group

(Cairo, Egypt, 05-07 November 2017)
​Invitation Letter       
​List of Participants
​Final Report          
WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1​1Revised Agenda and Election of Chairperson
​22​Outcome of the  RASG-MID/6 meeting
​3​2Initiatives to Promote Safe and Efficient Apron Management- UAE Apron Management Guidance Material
​4​2MID Region NCLB Strategy Plan related to RGS
​5​2Outcome of the NCLB Aerodrome Certification Workshop/ Training
​6​3Review  and Update of the RGS SEIs and DIPs
​7​3Status of Aerodrome Certification implementation in the MID Region
​8​3Review and Update of the MID Region Safety Strategy Targets related to RGS
​9​3Runway Safety Priorities and Analysis in the MID Region
​10​3Implementation of  Runway Safety Teams in the MID Region
​11​3Runway Excursions
​12​3Maintaining Operational Safety Level on Aerodromes During Construction
133Implementation of RSAs Related to RGS Wildlife Hazards Management Plan Template,  Laser Attack Safety Guidelines Case Study
​14​3Status of implementation of Aerodrome Safety Management System in the MID Region
​15​4Safety and Efficiency issues associated with ASBU Module B0-ACDM
​16​4Safety and Efficiency issues associated with ASBU Module B0-A-SURF
​17​4UAE Offshore Aerodromes Regulatory Framework
​18​4Increase of Aerodrome Capacity associated with increased Airspace Capacity
​19​5Review of AOP Air Navigation Deficiencies
​20​6Future Work Programme
​IP #Agenda Item #​​IP Title​
​1List of  Information and Working Papers​
​2Work Programme/Daily Order of Business​
​33​The Revised MID Region Safety Strategy​��
4​​5AN Deficiencies Analysis-Tables and Graphs-updated
​5​5Progress of Deficiencies MID15 to MID16 - updated
1​3Annual Safety Report​
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