ICAO Seminar/Workshop on Aerodrome Operational Procedures PANS- Aerodromes

PANS AD Seminar/Workshop
(Cairo, Egypt, 8-9 November 2017)
​Invitation Letter               
List of Participant​s         
​Summary of Discussions
 DAY 1
PPT # ​PPT Title   ​
1​-1Aerodrome Certification - Applicable Provisions
​1-2Aerodrome Certification - Setting the Scene​ 
​1-3ICAO Overview​
​1-4PANS-Aerodromes - Chapter 2 ADR Certification and General Principles and Procedures for all Stages of Eerodrome Certification ​
​1-5Milan Case Study​
1-6Report on USOAP CMA Results_2016_04_01​
​ DAY 2
PPT #​PPT Title
​2-1Amendment 13 to Annex 14 Volume I​
​2-2Amendment 13 to Annex 14 Volume I-Re​
​2-3​PANS-Aerodromes - Chapter 4 ADR Compatibility
​2-4PANS-Aerodromes 1st Edition - Chapter 3 Safety Assessments for Aerodromes​
​2-5​PANS-Aerodromes 2nd Edition - Global Reporting Format
​2-6 Sudan Aerodrome Certification – Issues and Challenges (NOV 2017)​
​2-8​Agenda_ICN_Airport Compatibility_Rev2
​2-9​AGT,SGES_747-8 Safety Study_24January2013
​2-10​Case Study-Wellington Aerodrome
​2-11​ Manchester A380 Operational Safety CaseV2.0
2-12​​PANS-Aerodromes 1st Edition - Chapter 4 ADR Compatibility
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