NCLB – Aerodrome Certification Workshop/Training

NCLB – Aerodrome Certification Workshop/Training
(Cairo, Egypt, 1-5 October 2017)
​Invitation Letter              
​List of Participants         
​Summary of Discussions
Day 1 



Agenda Item # ​PPT Tile   ​
1-11  Introduction and Overview
1-​2 2 ​Certification Requirements
1-​5​3Regulator's Certification Experience
1-​63​Regulations Compliance Aerodromes Regulator
1-7​4Status of Certification
1-​85Operator Competencies
1-9​5​Safety Management Nuts and Bolts
Day 2 
2-106Continued Surveillance-3 Physical Characteristics​
2-11​6Continued Safety Monitoring and Implementation to Maintain Certification Obligations​
​2-127Enforcement and Compliance - Guidelines​
2-13​7Enforcement Implementation​
2-15​​8EAA Safety Assessment Case Study​
2-168Challenges-Sharm El Sheikh AD-NCLB​​
2-17​8Hurghada Best Practices SMS Challenges​
3-2110Challenges- WHMP at Airports in Egypt​
Day 3 
3-148​Tips in Airport Certification Process​
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Day 4
All Day - Visit to Cairo International Airport​
Day 5

Overview on Amendment Proposal to Annex 14 

    AttA-SL-PfA to Annex 14 Vol. I​
​5-199​Overview on Amendment Proposal to PANS Aerodromes Doc9981​
    AttA-PfA to PANS-Aerodromes Doc 9981​
5-20​9​Overview on Draft 4th Edition of SMM Doc 9859 (Summary of Changes)​
    AttA-SMM-Doc 9859-4th Edition of Summary of Changes​
5-22Tips for Aerodrome Safety Oversight​


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