Third Meeting of the MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme Board

MAEP Board/3 Meeting 
(Cairo, Egypt, 16 - 17 January 2017)
​Invitation Letter
​List of Participants
​WP #​Agenda Item #​WP Title  ​
11 Adoption of Provisional Agenda
​2​2MAEP Board Working Arrangements​
​33​​Outcome the Global ​Ministerial Aviation Summit related to MAEP
​43​​MID Flight Procedure Programme (MID FPP)​
5​​3​MID ATS Route Network Optimization Project (ARNOP)
​6​3​MID IP Network (CRV)
​103​​Call Sign Confusion Initiating ​
11​​4​Future Work Programme​
IP #​​Agenda Item # ​IP Title​
​1List of Working and Information Papers​
​2​Daily Order of Business and Work Programme
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