Third Meeting of the Runway and Ground Safety Working Group


(Cairo, Egypt, 19 - 22 September 2016)
Invitation Letter
List of Participants
Final Report
WP #Agenda Item #WP Title 
11Revised Agenda
22Outcome of the  RASG-MID/5 meeting
32Initiatives to Promote Safe and Efficient Ground Handling Operations
42First Edition of PANS-Aerodromes, Doc 9981
53Review  and Update of the RGS SEIs
63Review and update of the MID Region Safety Strategy Targets related to RGS
73Status of Aerodromes Certification Implementation in the MID Region
83Runway Safety Team and Go-Team
93MID Region NCLB Plan Related to RGS
103Airport Safeguarding Safety Advisory
113Follow-up and Feedback on Implementation of RSAs related to RGS
123Outcome of the ICAO Heliport Seminar (IHS)
133Wildlife Management
143Outcomes of CAPSCA-MID/5 meeting and training workshop
154Safety issues associated with ASBU Module B0-SURF & B0-ACDM
165AOP Air Navigation Deficiencies
176Future Work Programme
IP#IP Title
1List of WPs/IPs
2Work Programme/Daily Order of Business
Presentations (PPTs)
1Runway Incursion Prevention in Sudan
2ATC Procedures and Safety Precautions for communicable diseases
3Introduction to PANS-Aerodromes
4IATA Ground Safety Integrated Solution
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