Third Meeting of MIDANPIRG Steering Group (MSG/3)


Third Meeting of MIDANPIRG Steering Group (MSG/3)
Cairo, Egypt, 17 - 19 June 2013


Invitation Letter


​Final Report



​WP No.
Agenda  Item
WP/11​​Adoption of the Provisional agenda 
WP/2​2​Review of MIDANPIRG/13 Follow-up Action Plan                               
​WP/33Outcome of the AN-Conf/12
WP/4​3​Outcome of the DGCA-MID/2 meeting related to air navigation
​WP/5​3Progress achieved in the development of the eANP
​WP/63ICAO MID Forum
​WP/74MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme (MAEP)
WP/8​4Estimating environmental benefits​
​WP/9​4MID Region Air Navigation Strategy​
​WP/10​4​Review of MIDANPIRG working arrangements
​WP/11​5​Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies
​WP/12​5​Coordination between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID
​WP/13​5​MIDRMA activities
​WP/14​5​MID RVSM SMR 2013 Initial results
​WP/15​6​ICAO MID Office Tentative Schedule of Meetings, Seminars and Workshops
​WP/16​6​Future Work Programme


IP No.
Agenda  Item
IP/1​​List of Working and Information Papers
IP/2​​Daily Order of Business and Work Programme
IP/3​3​​MIDAD Project
​IP/4​4​Status of PBN Implementation in the MID Region
​IP/5​5​Status of MID-AMC Project                                                                          


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