Civil/Military Cooperation Seminar/Workshop

Civil/Military Cooperation Seminar/Workshop
(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 16 - 19 September 2012)​







​Summary of Discussions



First Day - Sunday, 16 September 2012 



Flexible Use of Airspace Within Bahrain FIR
Transforming Global ATM Performance
Temporary Airspace Allocation TAA & setting the scene for Egyptian Civil/Military Cooperation
Circular 330-AN/189 Civil/Military Cooperation in Air Traffic Management
Civil Military Cooperation
Setting The Scene for Civil Military Cooperation
Optimizing the Relationship: Why Should Civil/Military Cooperate?
Second Day - Monday, 17 September 2012




​Regional Developments
​Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission CARC
​Civil - Military collaboration (Military view)
​Saudi Arabian Airlines - Civil Military Cooperation
​Civil/Military Cooperation within the UAE FIR
 ​ Panel No. 1
​Regulatory Aspects
​Regulatory Aspects - Moderator Roger Rapier (FAA)
Panel No. 2
​Performance Based Navigation
​Optimizing the use of Airspace and Operational Capabilities
​​Optimizing the use of Airspace and Operational Capabilities - Text


Third Day - Tuesday, 18 September 2012


​Panel No. 3
​Interoperability and Challenges
​Interoperability and challenges


Fourth Day - Wednesday, 19 September 2012



​Fundamentals of Communication
​To effectively communicate


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