Economic Analysis and Forecasting

Studies on regional differences in international airlines operating economics have been conducted to assist States in the assessment of the impact of regulatory change, support environmental planning, assess the effectiveness of measures for the implementation of the Strategic Objectives and support prorating of passenger revenues from interline journeys.
Research is undertaken and guidance to States provided as required on cost/benefit analysis and business cases for planning and implementation of air navigation systems and related systems (including CNS/ATM). Specific economic studies are conducted, as requested. For example, a study was launched in 2008 to assess the present and future demand of civilian licensed aviation personnel and the corresponding training facilities and capacities at global and regional levels. The study aims at estimating if shortages or surpluses are likely to occur over the next twenty years. Formerly, methodological guidelines have been developed to assist States in assessing the economic contribution of civil aviation as a business sector within a given regional/local or national economy in terms of output and employment.



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