Regulatory Policy Seminar, Presentations

Regulatory Policy Seminar on "Liberalization Policy and Implementation"




WP #
1. Regulatory overview – global and regional
(presented by ICAO Secretariat)

Outcome of ATConf/5 and key regulatory issues
(presented by ICAO Secretariat)

3. Use of the Template Air Services Agreements (TASAs) as liberalization tools
(presented by ICAO Secretariat)
4. Challenges to Liberalization Safety Security Issues
(presented by Captain Mohammed Aziz, Lebanon)
5. Jordanian Experience in the Field of AT Liberalization
(presented by Jordan)
6. Liberalization of AT among Arab States
(presented by ACAC)
7. Liberalization of AT Services in Bahrain
(presented by Bahrain)
8. Presentation by Oman
(presented by R. El Kiyumi)
9. Securing the future of international air transport
(presented by IATA)
10. State of the Airline Industry
(presented by Richard Smithies, IATA)


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