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Study on the Safety and Security aspects of Economic Liberalization

This study was conducted by the ICAO Secretariat as a follow-up task of the fifth Worldwide Air Transport Conference (ATConf/5, Montreal, 2003). The study reviewed various situations arising from the regulatory liberalization process and the evolution of business and operating practices in the air transport industry which identify areas that could have implications for safety and security. The purpose was to determine if any gaps exist in the current ICAO provisions, and to ensure that the global safety and security regulatory system, including relevant ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), continue to be capable of addressing changes and developments in international civil aviation.
The findings of the study were reviewed by the Council in June 2005, which considered it important and useful. The study identified various situations or problems which warrant close attention by States, and provided clarification on how relevant ICAO provisions should be implemented to address some of the issues identified. By decision of the Council, the study was disseminated by State Letter (Ref.: EC 2/93, AN 11/41-05/83 dated 12 August 2005) to Contracting States for their information and appropriate action.
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A table of specific situations warranting States attention and relevant ICAO provisions, as well as a summary of the responsibilities of the State of the Registry and the State of the Operator, are also provided as Attachments A and B to the Study.

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