Workshop on Airport and Route Facility Management

 (Port of Spain, 18 to 21 October 2005)




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1. Agenda

Presentations based on Agenda Items

  Item 1, ICAO policy on airport and air navigation services charges
  Item 2a, Organizational structures of airports, including commercialization
  Item 2b, Economic oversight
  Item 3a, Airport financial management and airport charges on air traffic
  Item 3b, Airport charges on air traffic and their collection
  Item 4, Development and management of non-aeronautical activities
  Item 5, Infrastructure financing
  Item 6a, Organizational structures of air navigation services, including international cooperation
  Item 6b, International cooperation for the provision of air navigation services
  Item 7a, Financial management of air navigation services and air navigation services charges
  Item 7b, Financial management of air navigation services and charges on air traffic
3. Report - Available in English only

Reference documents
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