Guidance Material

The Safety Management Manual (SMM) (Doc 9859)


The SMM, 4th edition published document

Guidance material on safety management principles and concepts, State Safety Programme (SSP) and Safety Management System implementation are contained in the ICAO Safety Management Manual (SMM) (Doc 9859).


The 4th edition of the Safety Management Manual is available for download from ICAO-Net. To access ICAO-NET or to buy ICAO Documents click here.


A presentation introducing highlights for the fourth edition of the Safety Management Manual can be downloaded here.

The Safety Management Implementation Website


To address the needs of diverse aviation community implementing safety management and a recommendation stemming from the second High-level Safety Conference held in 2015, the Safety Management Implementation (SMI) website ( has been developed to complement the 4th edition of SMM. The SMI website will serve as a repository for the sharing of practical tools and examples of safety management implementation. An e-book version (view only) of the SMM, 4th edition is also available on the SMI website Click here.


Safety Oversight Manual (Doc 9734)

Further comprehensive guidance to support the development of safety oversight can be found in the ICAO Safety Oversight Manual (Doc 9734) Part A and Part B. Part A explains the Establishment and Management of A State's Safety Oversight System, and Part B introduces the Establishment and Management of A Regional Safety Oversight System.


Sector-Specific Guidance Material


In addition, further sector-specific safety management guidance material can be found in ICAO PANS and manuals** supporting the following Annexes:

  • Annex 1 — Personnel Licensing; 
  • Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part I — International Commercial Air Transport — Aeroplanes, Part II — International General Aviation —Aeroplanes and Part III — International Operations — Helicopters;
  • Annex 8 — Airworthiness of Aircraft; 
  • Annex 11 — Air Traffic Services; 
  • Annex 13 — Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation;
  • and  Annex 14 —Aerodromes, Volume I — Aerodrome Design and Operations.



Procedures for Air Navigation Services (PANS) - Aerodromes (Doc 9981)

Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Air Traffic Management (PANS-ATM, Doc 4444)



Airport Services Manual (Doc 9137), Part 3 — Bird Control and Reduction

Air Traffic Services Planning Manual (Doc 9426)

Airworthiness Manual (Doc 9760)

Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) (Doc 10004)

Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation (Doc 9756)

Part I — Organization and Planning

Part II — Procedures and Checklists

Part III — Investigation

Part IV — Reporting

Manual for the Oversight of Fatigue Management Approaches (Doc 9966)

Manual on Laser Emitters and Flight Safety (Doc 9815)

Manual on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) (Doc 10019)

Manual on the Competencies of Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors (Doc 10070)

Manual on the ICAO Bird Strike Information System (IBIS) (Doc 9332)


** These manuals will be updated as necessary to harmonize the terminology used in Annex 19 and the SMM. 

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