Supporting Implementation Strategies — Communications — A39 Achievements

A39 Achievements


A great deal of COM’s efforts over 2016 were focused on ensuring media reports were as positive as possible on the main priority outcomes of the 39th Session of the Assembly (A39).


Media coordination for A39 in general, and the GMBM/CORSIA agreement more specifically, produced excellent results for ICAO during and post-A39. Mainstream viewpoints were almost exclusively positive, while negative NGO perspectives were relegated mainly to more extreme climate groups with little public following.


ICAO’s A39 CORSIA news was covered extensively by many prominent news outlets, including the Associated Press (AP), Bloomberg, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Agence France Presse, Le Monde, and many others globally. Most of these outlets carried the Council President’s quote on this being aviation’s “Paris moment”, and subsequent news and developments in the months since have almost universally supported this initial and very positive packaging of the achievements of ICAO and its Member States.

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