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UN Climate Neutrality Initiative


As part of the United Nations initiative to achieve climate neutrality and move towards the sustainable management of its operations, ICAO updated its carbon inventory and estimated the Secretariat’s carbon footprint using ICAO’s Carbon Emissions Calculator (CEC) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator. The total annual ICAO carbon footprint for 2015 was computed as approximately 6 000 metric tonnes of CO2, with air travel and electricity consumption accounting for most of the emissions.


Some 23 United Nations organizations reported to be fully climate neutral, in line with the UN goal to become climate neutral by 2020.


ICAO continued to work with UNEP and other UN agencies to support the generation of emissions inventories from air travel, the integration of the ICAO Calculator into travel systems and a GHG reporting software common to all UN organizations. The ICAO CEC continued to be recognized as the official tool used to estimate the air travel-related portion of UN agencies’ carbon inventories.


In addition, ICAO took part in the UN Environment Management Group (EMG) peer review team for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and contributed to drafting the Peer Review Report of the IMF, which included recommendations and related comments.

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