AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APIRG)

Fifth Meeting of the AFI Region AIS/MAP Task Force (AIS/MAP/TF/5)
(Dakar, Senegal, 11 – 12 May 2009)





AIS/MAP/TF/5 Report

​Invitation Letter






Working Papers / Notes de travail

​WP No.

No. de WP


Title or Agenda Item

Titre ou Point de l'ordre du jour


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​WP/1 Provisional Agenda
​​WP/2 Agenda Item 1
​WP/3 Agenda Item 2
​​WP/4 ​Implementation of Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data
​​WP/5 Agenda Item 4
​​WP/6 Agenda Item 5
WP/6 Appendix A ​Appendix A – A Report of the Third Meeting of the AFI Region Study Group on the Establishment of a Centralized AFI Region AIS Database (AFI – CAD/Study Group/3), (Dakar, Sénégal, 7 – 9 October 2008)
​WP/7 ​Agenda Item 6
WP/7 Appendix A Appendix A – Roadmap for the Transition from AIS to AIM


Preliminary Review of a Proposed Amendment to Annex 15 and Consequential Amendments to Annexes 4, 11, 14, Volumes I and II, and the PANS-ABC, and Introduction of the Roadmap for the Transition from AIS to AIM

WP/8 Attachment

Attachment – Aeronautical Information Services-Aeronautical Information Management Study Ggroup (AIS-AIMSG), First Meeting, Montréal, 2 to 4 December 2008, Summary Of Discussions
WP/8 Appendix A Appendix A – State Letter 09/13 / Lettre aux États 09/13
Information Papers / Notes d'information 
Information Papers
IP No.
No. de IP
Title or Agenda Item
Titre ou Point de l'ordre du jour
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General Information

​IP/2 ​Draft List of Information and Working Papers (IPs/WPs)
​IP/3 Tentative Schedule of Work
​IP/4 Executive Summary
​IP/5 Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) AIRAC Adherence
​IP/6 Implementation of e-TOD and draft development of a policy for the management of national e-TOD programmes – South Africa
​IP/7 Safer, Shorter and Greener Flights with new Air Navigation Concept (PIO 04/09)
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