Workshop AIG

AIG Workshop, Dakar, Senegal, from 6 to 8 May 2024


Invitation  letter for the Workshop


Information Bulletin

​1. RAIO Experience and Feedback - BAGAIA

​2. Annex 13 Reporting Obligations

​3. Introduction to ECCAIRS 2 (E2)

​4. ICAO thoughts behind the RAIO

​5. AIG’s role and its positioning within the SSP structure

​6. Airbus Support to Safety Investigation Agencies

​7. The European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities (ENCASIA)

​8. ENCASIA Working groups

​9. The role of EASA in ENCASIA

​10. Investigation of Serious Incidents 

​11. Changes to safety investigations prompted by Annex 19

​12. Regional safety action planning and SSP

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