Regional Seminar on Facilitation

AVSEC/FAL Regional Seminar on Facilitation 

Dakar, Senegal 19-23 June 2023 


Invitation Letter / Lettre d'Invitation

  Provisional Agenda / Agenda Provisoire

​Information Bulletin / Bulletin d'Information


ICAO Annex 9  Electronic Filling of Differences (EFOD) System 

ICAO Annex 9  Facilitation Mandate, Description & Latest Developments

ICAO Annex 9 API & PNR Passenger Data Exchange Systems

ICAO Annex 9 Facilitation of the transport of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) 

ICAO Annex 9 New chapter 10 Health related provisions

ICAO Annex9 Assistance to Aircraft Accident Victims and their Families 

ICAO Annex9 National Air Transport Facilitation Programme

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