Security Arrangements

The following security arrangements will be in place for the ICAO World Aviation Forum (26 September) and for the duration of the 39th Session of the Assembly (27 September - 7 October) as approved by the Secretary General:


  • Participants will be directed to the lower Atrium entrance on 999 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard. Participants are required to present a valid recognized passport, or Canadian Government diplomatic identification, or a Canadian Government issued photo ID which indicates Canadian nationality (e.g., driver’s license is not acceptable proof as it does not indicate nationality) before screening.


  • The ICAO Headquarters main lobby will be restricted to fast-track security screening and access procedures for VIPs (Minister and Ambassadors) and accompanying persons/close entourage.


  • The A39 event badge grants attendees access to both the Conference Centre and Secretariat office tower for the duration of the session. Access from the Conference Centre to the Secretariat office tower can be gained through transit doors on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.


  • Access to the back atrium entrance (metal turnstiles) is restricted to ICAO Secretariat personnel and to resident National Delegations holding permanent ICAO building access cards.


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