Guidelines for the Preparation of Working Papers and Deadlines for Submission

- Templates for processing Working Papers and Information Papers


To ensure the quality and consistency of presentation, guidelines have been prepared to assist States/Organizations in the preparation of working papers to be submitted to the Assembly. Guidelines and templates are available at the Assembly website ( under “Documentation”.


Documentation that your Government or Organization may wish to submit for discussion at the meeting should be forwarded electronically, in Microsoft Word format, to ICAO by e-mail at as soon as possible.


In compliance with a decision of the Council to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the Assembly, the following guidelines will be applied for documentation:


a) Working papers should be brief, action-oriented and concise, and must adhere to a four-page limit for new text, including any appendices. Working papers that do not propose any substantive action will be reclassified as information papers and will not be translated. The States concerned will be informed accordingly.


b) ICAO will be performing some light editing of the texts submitted to ensure that templates have been used correctly, scanning the texts to correct the most obvious format errors, making minor editorial changes in the texts to clarify ICAO-related titles and document references, and correcting spelling errors.


c) In order to minimize delays in the availability of documents to be presented to the Assembly, the papers will be published non-simultaneously whereas both the original submissions and the English versions will be published first followed by the other language versions as soon as they are available.


d) The following deadlines for submission of working papers will be strictly enforced: 


  • 9 August 2016 for the submission of working papers by States, to be considered by the Assembly and published in all working languages before 13 September 2016. States’ submissions are considered final. While minor revisions could be made, processing of substantial changes cannot be guaranteed, and no further changes will be accepted after 23 August 2016. As the English and original language versions will be published as soon as feasible after submission, changes will be issued by means of corrigenda.

  • 9 August 2016 for submission of working papers by international organizations in all ICAO working languages as provided by the international organizations.


  • Working papers from States and international organizations received after the deadline of 9 August 2016 will be considered as information papers.


  • 13 September 2016 for the submission of information papers from States and international organizations, which are NOT intended to be considered by the Assembly and will be published in the ICAO language versions provided by the States. Changes to information papers will not be accepted after this date.
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