Second Global Runway Safety Symposium - GRSS/2

(ICAO, Lima, 20-22 November 2017)

Day 2 - Tuesday, 21 November


Panel 4 - Reducing runway safety accidents

This panel will provide an update on some of the strategies and technologies that have been used to reduce the number and severity of runway safety accidents.

Moderator: Mr. James Fee, ATO Safety and Technical Training Manager, Runway Safety Group, FAA, United States
Speaker: Captain Mr. William Curtis, Co-Chair and FSF International Advisory Committee Chair, Flight Safety Foundation: Why not just eliminate Unstable Approaches?
Speaker: Mr. Michael Hohm, Director, ICAO Liaison Office, IBAC: Reducing runway safety accidents
Speaker: Mr. Tzvetomir Blajev, Coordinator Operational Safety, Eurocontrol: Reducing Runway Safety Accidents
Speaker: Ms. Laura Brannigan, Director of Compliance Assurance, Dubai Airports: Reducing Runway Safety Accidents


Panel 5 - State Runway Safety Programmes and status of implementation
This panel will discuss the status of implementation and benefits to having a State Runway Safety Programme.
Moderator: Mr. Donald Castillo Gallegos, Director of Aviation Safety, DGAC, Peru
Speaker: Mr. Yong Wang, Chief, Airport Operations & Infrastructure, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO: State Runway Safety Programmes
Speaker: Mr. Ariel Weiss, Aerodrome & ATM/AIS Inspector, Civil Aviation Authority of Israel: National Runway Safety Program 
Speaker: Mr. Alberto Gonçalves de Pinho, Civil Aviation Regulation Specialist, Superintendence of Infrastructure, Safety and Certification Office, ANAC, Brazil: BRSP Brazilian Runway Safety Programme
Speaker: Mr. Krishna Ingraham, Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority: Benefits to having a State Runway Safety Programme
Speaker: Mr. Teresa Njoki Muchoki, Senior Aerodrome Inspector, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority: Runway Safety Team


Panel 6 - Runway Safety Teams
This panel will report on the status of implementation of airport runway safety teams, discuss the benefits in safety performance after initiating a runway safety team and discuss the integration with an airport’s SMS.
Moderator: Mr. Fabio Salvatierra, Regional Officer, Aerodromes and Ground Aids, South American Regional Office, ICAO: Runway Safety Teams (RST)
Speaker: Mr. Robert Harris, Airport Operations Manager, Cayman Islands Airports Authority: Implementing a Runway Safety Team
Speaker: Mr. Jorge Miguel Cervantes Ramírez, Inspector Verificador Aeronautico, Mexico DGAC: Hot Spot's AICM
Speaker: Mr. Estaban Mendoza, Chief Operating Officer, EANA: RST Technical Processes: RST Technical Processes
Speaker: Mr. Alexander Welsch Romainville, Safety Manager, LATAM Peru: RST Safety Team: Runway Safety Team LP
Speaker: Mr. Rodrigo Martins, VP Ground Handling Services, Talma, Lima Airport: Runway Safety Team


Panel 7 - New Runway Safety Technologies and Initiatives
Moderator: Mr. Richard MacFarlane, Deputy Director, Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
Speaker: Mr. Pierre Georges, Safety Strategy & Regulations, Dassault Aviation: Runway Overrun Alerting and Awareness System Minimum Operational Performance Specifications
Speaker: Mr. Logan Jones, Runway Safety Specialist, Airbus: Runway Safety Technologies
Speaker: Mr. Captain Gregory Bulkley, Assistant Chief Pilot, Flight Technical & Safety, Boeing: Runway Situation - Awareness Tools
Speaker: Marco Merens, Chief, Integrated Aviation Analysis, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO: Runway Collision Risk - Measurement using ADS-B
Speaker: Mr. Constantino Pandolfi, ENAC: A Different Perspective of Safety and its Relationship with Surroundings
Speaker: Mr. Rob Van Eekeren, Director, Safe-Runway: Runway Safety NextGen - Financial analysis of runway safety

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