General Information

1. Address of the ICAO South American Office

Av. Víctor Andrés Belaúnde No. 147,Centro Empresarial Real, Vía Principal No. 102, Edificio Real 4, Piso 4, San Isidro, Lima, Peru
(511) 6118686
(511) 6118689
Office Hours:
8:00 - 15:40 Monday through Friday

2. Opening session

First day of the event (since we count with two conference rooms, it will be appreciated you confirm in advance where the event of your concern will take place – floor 3 or 4)

Registration of participants: 08:15 – 08:45 hrs.
Opening session: 08:45 – 09:00 hrs.


3. Language and documents

The event will have simultaneous interpretation services, unless expressly indicated otherwise in the section pertaining to the meeting of your interest in the ICAO SAM Regional Office Web page: .The documentation of the event will be published in the SAM Regional Office Web page, as soon as it is available.  No documentation will be distributed during the meeting.

4. Registration of participants

Participants are requested to fill in the registration in the section pertaining to the event of your interest, and submit it to SAM Regional Office as soon as possible.  A subsequent registration will take place at the corresponding registration desk, from 08:15am to 08:45am, during the first day of the event, where the duly completed registration sheet should be handed in.  Likewise, participants are requested to use the badges supplied to them during registration.

​​5. Documentation link and languages

The documentation for the Meeting will be posted on the ICAO SAM Regional Office website; participants should check our website frequently to download the documentation. All participants must bring their own set of documentation (hard copy or electronically) to the meeting venue, as there will be no hard copies available for distribution.

6. Instructions to log on the SAM website:

Select “English” on the upper right corner of the welcome page

Select “Meetings” from left frame
Look for the event of interest and click on it.

7. Temperature

Please refer to, to inform yourself on the temperature in Lima during the period of your interest.

Hereunder are approximates:
JAN-MAR: 21 - 29 °C (70 - 84 °F)
APR-JUN: 17 - 27 °C (63 - 81 °F)
JUL-SEP: 15 - 19 °C (59 - 66 °F)
OCT-DEC: 16 - 24 °C (61 - 75 °F)
8. Transportation from/to the airport

There are authorized taxis services at the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

The rate to Miraflores or San Isidro (hotel area) is of approximately US$ 30.00.  This rate can be confirmed in counters at the Airport’s international arrivals area.
Taking into account the increase in assaults against persons who travel in the route to and from the airport, the following taxi companies are suggested:
Taxi Green                    Tel:  +51 1  484-4001 
Taxi Aeropuerto Lima  Tel:  +51 981 226-426
9. Transportations to and from the site of the event

Participants can take a taxi or walk to the SAM Regional Office, depending on the location of the selected hotel, and vice versa.

In the city, there are independent or informal taxi drivers. In view of the fact that they do not belong to a company, they do not provide any safety or guarantee.  In case of taking an informal taxi, please consider that you may be at a high risk.

Companies recommended for transfers within the city:
Taxitel                    Tel:   +51 1    518-6800
Taxi Satelital          Tel:   +51 1   355-5555
Taxi San Borja       Tel:   +51 1   225-8600


​10. Passport, visa and vaccination requirements

To enter the country, an updated passport and visa are required; however, it is recommended to contact the Peruvian Embassy or Consulate in your country, to enquire on this requirement well before your departure. Please note that it is not possible to obtain entry visas upon arrival in Peru. Will appreciate you also verify if yellow-fever or any other vaccination is required.

​11. Money exchange and credit cards

The Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol Peruano (S/.).  Please go to, to inform yourself on the current exchange.
Credit cards as American Express, Master Card, VISA, Diners Club, etc, are usually welcome in hotels, shopping centres and restaurants.  Traveller’s checks should be exchanged in banks.

​12. Hospitals

In case of emergency, Clínica Anglo Americana is recommended, which is located in Alfredo Salazar s/n, Miraflores, Tel: +51 1 616-8900.

​13. ICAO Contact

Mr. Fabio Faizi Rahnemay Rabbani
Tel: +51 1 611-8686

​14. Electricity

220 Volts/60Hz.

​15. Airport tax

Exit airport tax is US$ 31.50 American Dollars.

​16. Airlines

The following telephone numbers are provided, with the aim you can confirm your flights back to your country:

Aerolíneas Argentinas
0800 52200
0800-53407 / 7051 111
Air Canada
0800 52073
444-9285 / 241-8280  / 241-8303
American Airlines
0800 40350 / 211-7000
0800 11936
Continental Airlines
0800 70030 / 712-9230
Copa Airlines
Delta Airlines
0801-11234 / 213-8200
0800 53407


​17. Information on safety and protection

Upon any emergency situation, kindly call the Operations Centre of the United Nations Safety and Security Department (UNDSS):

Direct 625– 9090           

Ext. 9090 625 – 9000          

Mobile 99757 – 1008, 99757 1003, 99831 8814, 831*8814 (nextel)

18. General recommendations in the event of an earthquake

The city of Lima is within an earthquake area.
During an earthquake
Keep calm.
Stay away from windows, do not go to any balconies, and do not use elevators.
Locate yourself in previously identified internal safety zones
Evacuate the premises only if conditions permit it; otherwise, minimize your movements.
After an earthquake
Proceed to leave the premises, since quakes can continue.
Evacuation must be carried out calmly, quickly and safely through the indicated routes.
Stay in the evacuation site until the designated security team of the building has verified whether the installations are at risk.
ICAO Third and Fourth floor emergency exits
In front of the elevator area are two emergency staircases.
Both stairs end in the first floor of the building, in the main entrance area.
Proceed down the staircases. Do not push or run; keep in line, move in one direction only; keep conversation to a minimum.
Exit the building to allow free flow of other evacuees exiting behind you.
Once outside the building and having your back to it, turn left towards the evacuation site, located across Víctor Andrés Belaúnde Avenue.
Pay attention at all moment to the indications that the security team might make.
You will be informed when there is no danger for your return to the facilities.

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