Fifth Meeting of the MID Flight Procedure Programme Steering Committee (MID FPP SC/5)

(Doha, Qatar, 14 December 2023)
​Invitation Letter
​Final Report
​WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1​ 1
Adoption of the Provisional Agenda

​2 MID FPP Achievements and Activity Report 2023

3​MIDFPP Budget and Financial Report for Year 2023

3​MIDF FPP Projected Budget for Year 2024

3​MID FPP Membership and sustainability
3​MID FPP Project Document (ProDoc) Updates
MID FPP Work Plan for the Year 2024

Future Work Programme – Date and Venue for MID FPP SC/6 meeting

IP Title
​List of Working Papers and Information Papers

​Daily Order of Business and Work Programme

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