MENA ARCM Committee

Second Meeting
(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 11-12 September 2022)
​Invitation Letter
      ​Logistics Brochure
​                                          Final Report
 Working Papers(WPs)  
​WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1 1 Adoption of the Provisional Agenda
​2​2Follow-up on the RSG-MID/9 Conclusions and Decisions​
​3​2Sharing Safety Recommendations​
42MENA ARCM Database Platform Management
​5​2MENA ARCM  Technical ​Assistance Mechanism
​6​3Date and Venue of the MENA ARCM Committee/3 Meeting​
7​Any Other Business
Information Papers (IPs)
​​IP #Agenda Item #I​P Title
​1​List of Working Papers, Presentations and Information Papers​
​2Work Programme/Daily Order of Business​
Presentations (PPTs)
1MENA ARCM Database​
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