Airport Master Planning

Regional Seminar on Airport Master Planning
(Hurghada, Egypt, 13-15 September 2022)

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Powerpoint Presentations (PPTs)   
 Work Programme of the Airport Master Plan Seminar 2022 - Hurghda - Egypt - Final
​1Regional Seminar on Airport Master Planning - Setting the Scene​
​2Airport Capacity​
​3Airport Master Planning Principals​
​4Aircraft and Airport Compatibility​
​5777-8_9 Airport Compatibility Documentation​
​6Abha Airport Master Plan - Final​
​7IRI CAA Airport Master Plan - Final​
​8Master Plan Borg El Arab Int Airport - Final​
​9Master Plan Hurghada Int Airport - Final​
​10U-ATS ACI WBP - Airport Design Stages​
​11IATA Supporting Doc - Airport Master Planning_July22​
​12IATA Supporting Doc - Appendix A - IATA Master Plan Process_July 2022​
​13IATA Supporting Doc - World Class Airports - Best Practice_July 2022​
14IATA Airport Development Reference Manual - 12th Edition​
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