MIDANPIRG Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Sub-Group

(Virtual Meeting, 1-3 December 2020)
​Invitation Letter        
​Order of Business    
​Group Photo           
​List of Participants
​#   Title   ​
1​ MID Doc 011 - Guidance on GNSS Implementation in the MID Region_1st edition
2 ​MID DOC 013 - MID Region Surveillance Plan_v1
3MID REGION ASBU Threads  Elements (Block 0  1) Prioritization Table-Final-9Nov20 (002)
​4ASBU Priority 1 Threads Elements-Monitoring Table-Oct20 (002)
​6MSG7 - Follow-up Conclusions & Decisions
7MIDANPIRG 17 - Follow-up Conclusions & Decisions
​8ASBU Priority 1 Threadselements-Monitoring Table - CNS
9Summary of Draft Decisions and Conclusions
10CNS Terms of Reference (TOR)
PPT/1Adoption of the Provisional Agenda
PPT/2​Global Development related to CNS
PPT/3Outcome of the MIDAMC STG/6 Meeting
PPT/4​Surveillance Matter
PPT/5​Navigation Matters
PPT/6​Outcome of the Flight Inspection Webinar
PPT/7​Outcome of the Frequency Management Webinar
PPT/8GNSS\​GPS Interference
PPT/9Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies
PPT/10Future Work Programme
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