First Meeting of the Aerodrome Safety, Planning and Implementation Group

(Cairo, Egypt, 19-21 November 2019)
​Invitation Letter        
​Group Photo            
List of Participants​
​Final Report           
Working Papers (WPs) 
WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1​1Election of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson 
 22Revised Agenda
​3​3ASPIG Terms of Reference
​4​4Runway Surface Conditions: the Global Reporting Format
​5���4Certification of Ground Services Operators

2020 – 2022 Global Safety Plan & MID Region Safety Strategy Overview

​7​5ACI’S Training Initiatives To Support ICAO MID Safety Strategy
​8​5Progress on Aerodrome Certification ​Implementation
​9​5Progress on Runway Safety Implementation ​
​10​5Aerodrome Safety Assessment
​11​6Basic Building Block (BBB)​
​12​6ASBUs Implementation for AOP (A-CDM & SURF)​
​13​6Airport Planning​
​14​6Air Navigation Deficiencies in the Field of AOP​
​15​7Future Work Programme
Information Papers (IPs)
IP#IP​ Title
​1List of Working and Information Papers
​2Order of Business​ and Work Programme
35​Status of Current Aerodrome Certification Implementation in MID Region
​45​Establishment of Runway Safety Teams (RSTS) at International Aerodromes in the MID Region
​55​Table AOP I-1​
​66RAST SEIs Progress Report​
​76Surface Operations​
85​ACI’S Training Initiatives To Support ICAO MID Safety Strategy
94Aerodrome Safety, Planning, and Implementation Group on Global Reporting Format (GRF)
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