Joint ICAO/ACAO Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Workshop

A-CDM Workshop
(Cairo, Egypt, 20 - 22 October 2019)
​Invitation Letter        
​Work Programme    
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​List of Participants

Summary of Discussions


Presentation Title 
PPT # DAY 1   ​
1​.1 ICAO Global Provision on A-CDM
​1.2 Introduction to Airport CDM and Airport CDM Concept Elements​
​1.3Partners involved in Airport CDM implementation​
2.1Aircraft Operators Involvement and Ground Handlers in Airport CDM​
​2.2ATCOs Contribution in Airport CDM Implementation and Related Challenges​
​2.3Airport Operators Role in Airport CDM​
​2.4The Role of Pilots in Airport CDM​
​PPT #​​DAY 3
​3.1ACDM Milestones Approach​
​3.2ICAO Perspective on ATFM​
​3.3Integrating of ACDM with ATFM​
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