Sixth Meeting of the MIDANPIRG Steering Group (MSG/6)

(Cairo, Egypt, 3 - 5 December 2018)
​Invitation Letter
​List of Participants
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​WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1 1 Provisional Agenda
​2​2Review of action taken by the ANC on MIDANPIRG/16 Report - Review of MIDANPIRG/16 Follow-up Action Plan​
​3​3​AN-Conf/13 Outcome
4​4RASG-MID activities and coordination between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID
55.1​​MID Region Aviation Statistics and Forecasts
​65.2​​ASBU Implementation Monitoring: MID Air Navigation Reports
​7​5.2​MID Region Air Navigation Report
​8​5.3AIM Matters​
95.3​AOP Matters​
105.3​​ATM Matters
​115.3​​Outcome of ATFM TF & World Cup 2022 TF
​12​5.3​COM Matters
135.3​​NAV Matters
​145.3​​Surveillance matters
155.3​​Cybersecurity issues
​165.3​​MET Matters
175.3​PBN Matters​
​18​5.3SAR Matters​
​19​6Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies​
​207​​Review and update of MIDANPIRG Members/Alternate/Advisers and Subsidiary bodies' focal points
​21​7​MIDANPIRG Procedural Handbook
​22​8​Future Work Programme
​IPIP Title​
​1List of Information and Working Papers​
​2Daily Order of Business​
​PPT   PPT Title​
1​5.3​ATM Data and Cyber Security Portal (ADCS)
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