Sixth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group - Middle East

(Bahrain, 26 – 28 September 2017)
​Invitation Letter
List of participants​
All Documentation      
​WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1​ 1 Provisional Agenda
​2 2 Update of the GASP​
3​2Enhancing Support for Safety Management Implementation​
​4​2Progress Report on the Implementation of the ICAO USOAP CMA​
52Proposed Global Strategy and Action Plan for the Improvement of RSOOs and the Establishment of a Global System for the Provision of Safety Oversight​
​63​Follow-up on the RASG-MID/5 and RSC/5 Conclusions and Decisions​
73​Outcome of the RSC/5​
8​3​Outcome of the AIA WG/2
​9​3​MID-RAST Activities​​
103Update on Development and Implementation of SEIs & DIPs related to Runway Safety
​11​3Advisory Circulars related to Runway Safety
​123​Outcome of the MID-SST/3​​
​133​​Outcome of the NCMC Meetings​
143​​​Audit Programs (ISAGO-IOSA) Workshop​
​15​3​​SMS Implementation by Air Operators​
163​CANSO Progress Report on the SEI Related to SMS Implementation for ATM
173​​MID Region Safety Strategy
​19​3​Strategy and Roadmap for the Enhancement of Cooperation among the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) States in the Provision of AIG Functions
​20​3​​Outcome of the Workshop on the Protection of Accident and Incident Investigation records
​21​3​​RASG-MID Engagement Strategy 
​22​3RASG-MID Work Programme for 2018
​23​4​​RASG-MID Working Arrangements
24​5Update from and Coordination with MIDANPIRG
​255Wake Turbulence in RVSM Airspace
265​​​Call Sign Confusion
275​​​GNSS Vulnerabilities
285Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS)
295​​​​Air Navigation Deficiencies
​30​6​​Date and Venue of the RASG-MID/7 meeting​
​313​​​​Regional Coordination Meeting ACAC-AFCAC​
​IP #Agenda Item #IP Title​
1​List of  Information and Working Papers
​2Work Programme/Daily Order of Business
32​​RASG Activities in all Regions
​4​2Updates of ICAO Documentations​
​5​3State Safety Program-the Bahrain experience​
​6​7ADS-B Out; ensuring preparedness for the 2020 Equipage Mandate
​PPTPPT Title​
1ICAO Global Safety Aviation Update​
2RASG-EUR Activities and achievements
3Preliminary Review of the Sixth MID Annual Safety Report
4Status of Safety Indicators and Targets
5Enhancement of Cooperation among MENA in the provision of AIG Functions
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