NCLB-AIM Workshop

NCLB-AIM Workshop
(Cairo, Egypt, 11-13 September 2017)
Invitation Letter
Work Programme​
​List of Participants
​Main Outcome / Report
​PPT # ​PPT Title   ​
1​ Overview on "ICAO Roadmap for Transition from AIS to AIM
​2 Briefing on Annex 15 and PANS AIM
​3Update on ICAO Information Management Panel (IMP)
​4CANSO AIM WG/18 Outcome
​5Outcome of IFAIMA Global AIM 2017
​6Quality Management System & SLA
​7Aeronautical Data Quality
​8Integrated Aeronautical Information Database (IAID) & AICM-AIXM
​9eTOD: State of Affairs
​10UAE AIM Implementation
​11National AIM Planning​​
12AIM Training Guidance Material - CANSO
​13MIDAD Project
​14Egypt AIM Implementation​​
​15AIS/AIM Training
16IATA SWIM Perspective
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