First Meeting of the SECFAL Plan Development Group

(Cairo, Egypt, 31 January - 02 February 2017)
Invitation Letter

List of Participants


Final Report
WP #Agenda Item #WP Title 
11Provisional Agenda and Election of Chairperson
22Terms of Reference for the SECFAL Plan Development Group
33Cooperative Aviation Security Programme - Middle East (CASP-MID)
44Proposed Targets for MID SECFAL Group
53Aviation Security Initiatives
64ACAC/MID SECFAL Priorities and Targets
75Establishment of the Middle East Regional Aviation Security and Facilitation Group - MID SECFAL Group
83Airline Priorities and Work of AACO AVSEC Advisory Group
96Future Work Programme
IP # Agenda Item #IP Title
1List of Working and Information Papers
2Daily Order of Business and Work Programme
33Enhance Aviation Security by Information Sharing
43Implementation of Facilitation Standard Procedures
PPT #Agenda Item #Presentation Title
13Security Culture
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