Third MID Region Safety Summit and High-Level Briefing


Third MID Region Safety Summit

(Doha, Qatar, 24-25May 2016)


High-Level Briefing to the DGCAs and CEOs

(Doha, Qatar, 26 May 2016)

Invitation Letter
Work Programme
MID RSS/3 - List of Participants
High-Level Briefing - List of Participants
Summary of Discussions


1-1NLCB and Partnerships in Aviation Safety
1-3RASG-MID & MID Region Safety Priorities and Targets
1-4Runway and Ground Safety Working Group - Activities and Achievements
1-5Runway Safety
1-6ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations)
1-7ACI's Work on Aerodrome Safety
1-8Runway Safety -GACA-CANSO


2-1Developing and  Implementing Region LOC-I Safety Enhancements
2-2Loss of Control Inflight Accident Analysis
2-3Developing and Implementing UPRT at Emirates Airline
2-4Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)
2-5Updates on the Regional Air Navigation Activities related to Safety
2-6RVSM Implementation in MID Region
2-7CANSO Operation Activities
2-8CANSO - Standard of Excellence in Air Navigation Services -Safety (SEANS-Safety)
2-9Experience of QCAA in the implementation of the SSP Framework
2-10Qatar Airways - SMS Implementation
2-11NANSC - SMS Implementation Experience
2-12Aerodromes and the SSP - Dubai Airports' Position and Experience
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