Lithium Battery Workshop

Lithium Battery Workshop
(Abu Dhabi, UAE, 20 - 22 September 2016)
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PPT # Presentation Title 
1.1RASG-MID and MID Region Safety Priorities and Targets
1.2ICAO Overview
2.1SMS and Dangerous Goods
2.2Annex 6 Dangerous Goods Amendments
2.3ICAO Technical Instructions
3.1Air Carrier Inspections
3.2Air Transport Lithium battery Incident Guide
3.3Classification of Lithium Battery (UN)
3.4Safety Recommendations (accident investigations)
3.5Safety Oversight of Lithium Batteries for Transport
3.6Current and Future Plans
3.7Competency-Based Training
3.8Ref-Packing Instructions Updates
3.9Ref-ICAO DG Website
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