AIM SG/2 Meeting

AIM SG/2 Meeting

(Kish Island, Iran, 31 August - 2 September 2015)

​Invitation Letter
WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
​11​Provisional Agenda​
​22​Follow-up on DGCA-MID/3, MIDANPIRG/15 and MSG/4 Conclusions and Decisions​ relevant to AIM
​33​Global/Regional developments related to AIM and SWIM​​
​44​National​ Plans/Roadmaps for the transition from AIS to AIM​
​54Development of the MID Doc "MID Region Guidance for AIM Implementation"
​6​4​Status of AIM implementation in the MID Region (B0-DATM)
​7​4​MID eANP
​84​​Regional Performance Dashboard
​94​​Interregional Seminar on "Service Improvement through Integration of Digital AIM, MET and ATM Information
​105AIM Deficiencies in the MID Region
​116​​Future Work Programme
124​​Timeliness of the Promulgation of AIS changes that Impact Global Databases and Charts
​133​​English language proficiency level 4 on the ICAO rating scale for AIM Staff
14​​4​Publication of FIR Boundary coordinates in AIP
​Flimsy 1​​4Outcome of the MIDAD TF/3 Meeting​
​IPs ​Agenda Item # ​IP Title
​1List of Working and Information Papers​​
​2Daily Order of Business​ and Work Programme
3​4​​​Iran Progress in the Transition from AIS to AIM​
​4​3Outcome of the DGCA-MID/3 meeting related to AIS/AIM​
​5​4​Publication of AIP/eAIP in English language
PPT Agenda Item # PPT Title
1​​3IFAIMA Introduction​
​23​​​ASBU Methodology- IM related modules
3​​3​AIS-AIM SG Debriefing
4​​3​AIM Data Catalogue
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