Sixth Meeting of the MIDANPIRG Communication, Navigation and Surveillance


Tehran, Iran, 9 - 11 September 2014

​Invitation Letter
​WP #​Agenda Item​WP Title  ​
 Provisional Agenda and Explanatory Notes


Review Follow-Up Actions On MIDANPIRG/14 Conclusions
and Decisions Relevant To CNS​
​3​3 Global And Regional Developments Related To CNS​
​4​3Progress Achieved in the Development of the eANP ​
​5​4​Review Of The MID-AMC STG/1 Meeting SoD
​6​4Launching The MID-AMC Services​
​7​5Aeronautical Fixed Service Issues and MID IP Network ​
​8​5International EUR AFS Connectivity ​
9​5GNSS Implementations in the MID Region and Related Issues
10​5B0-FICE-AIDC/OLDI Implementation in the MID Region
11​5MID Surveillance Progress
ICAO Position and Preparation Workshop for ITU World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15)​
​135Population of MID EANP CNS Parts
 Review and Update of the Draft MID Region Air Navigation Strategy
Parts Related to CNS​
​15​5UAE ACC Callsign Confusion Tool​
​16​6CNS Deficiencies in the MID Region​
​17​7Future Work Programme​
SITA AFTN Low Speed Connections Replacement and AMHS Interconnection
19​5 Supporting ICAO Position to WRC 15 
20​​5Aircraft Call-Sign Confusion​
​21​5Use of Flight Plan “Converters” to Process the INFPL
​22​5Current IFPS Operations In Bahrain FIR/UIR
2​35​​ Progress Report on NAVISAT Middle East and Africa Project
24​5​ Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications (WAIC) Spectrum Requirements
​25​5​Harmful Frequency Interference
26​5​WRC 2015 Agenda Item 1.5
27​3 Draft LoA for AIDC/OLDI Implementation
​285​​AMHS Routing from MID to EUR Regions
​IP #​ ​​Agenda Item IP Title
​1List of Working and Information Papers​
2​Daily Order of Business and Work Programme

Progress on the Work of the Operational Data Link Panel (OPLINKP)
Related To Performance Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)​
​5​3 Frequency Finder ​
6​3EUR Doc 020 and 021
​7​3 Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)
​ Eurocontrol Specification For the Mode S IC Allocation Coordination
 and IC Conflict Management
​95​Flight Calibration Interruption Management​
10​5NDB Decommissioning Program of I.R.IRAN​
11​5Improving Tehran FIR Voice Communication​
​125DME Infrastructure Assessment
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