MIDANPIRG Meteorology Sub-Group Fourth Meeting (MET SG/4)


Third Bulletin Managment Group(Cairo, Egypt, 24 June 2013) 

Fourth MIDANPIRG Meteorology Sub-Group Meeting (MET SG/4)
(Cairo, Egypt, 25-27 June 2013) 

Invitation Letter                                                         




​WP No.    Agenda Item​ ​Title
WP/1​ ​1 Provisional Agenda ​                                                                    
WP/2​ 2 Status of MIDANPIRG Conclusions and Decisions Relevant to the MET Field 
​WP/3 3 Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan for the MID Region
WP/4​ 4.2 Results of SIGMET Tests in the MID Region
​WP/5 4.3​ OPMET Data Exchange​
​WP/6 5 ​Review MID Air Navigation Plan - MET Part
WP/7​ ​6 ​MET Deficiencies
​WP/8 ​8 ​Review of MET Performance Framework Forms
​WP/9 ​9 ​Future Work Programme
WP/10​ ​4.1 ​Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the SADIS
​WP/11 ​4.1 ​Summary of Recent and Forthcoming Developments to the WAFS
​WP/1 ​3 ​OPMET Date Exchange between MID and EUR/NAT Region
Fl/1​ ​Summary of MID Bulletin Management Group







​IP No. Agenda Item​ ​Title
IP/1 ​List of Working and Information Papers
IP/2 Daily Order of Business and Work Programme​
IP/3​ ​3 ​Outcomes from the International Airways Volcano Watch Operations Group
IP/4​ ​3 ​Outcomes from the Meteorological Warnings Study Group
​IP/5 ​3 ​Outcomes from the Aerodrome Meteorological Observation and Forecast Study Group (AMOSFSG)
​IP/6 ​3 ​MET/ATM Developments
​IP/7 ​3 ​Exchange of METAR/SPECI, TAF and SIGMET via XML




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