Thirteenth Meeting of the MIDANPIRG ATM/AIM/SAR Sub-Group

(Cairo, Egypt, 30 September - 3 October 2013) 




WP No.
Agenda Item​
WP/1​  ​1 ​Provisional Agenda and election of Chairperson                                                     
​WP/ 2 ​2

Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/13, DGCA MID/2 and MSG/3 Conclusions and Decisions

relevant to ATM, SAR and AIM Fields

WP/3​ 3 Outcome of the AN-Conf/12
​WP/4 3 Outcome of the DGCA-MID/2 and MSG/3 meetings relevant to ATM, SAR and AIM fields
​WP/5 ​4 Review of the outcome of the ARN TF/6​
WP/6​ ​4 Civil/Military Cooperation​
​WP/7 ​4 ​Civil/Military Go-Teams
​WP/8 ​4 MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme
WP/9​ ​4 ​Implementation of Contingency Plans in the MID Region
​WP/10 ​4 ​Regional Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan
​WP/11 ​5 ​RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region
​WP/12 5​ ​MID RVSM SMR 2012-2013
​WP/13 5​ ​Outcome of the MID RVSM Scrutiny Group Third Meeting
​WP/14 ​6 AIM Global developments​
​WP/15 6​ ​AIM implementation in the MID Region
​WP/16 ​6 ​MID Region AIS Database (MIDAD)
​WP/17 ​6 AIM/SWIM Seminar​
WP/18​ 7​ ​Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies
​WP/19 8​ MID Region Air Navigation Strategy​
WP/20​ ​9 ​Future Work Programme
WP/21​ ​4 Realignment of Jeddah FIR​
WP/22​ ​4 Realignment of Bahrain/Jeddah FIRs Boundaries​




IP No. ​Agenda Item Title​
IP/1​ ​List of Working and Information Papers
​IP/2 ​Daily Order of business and Work Programme
IP/3​ 3​ ​Progress achieved in the development of the eANP
​IP/4 9​ ​CNS ROSI (Equipment Outage Report)





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