MID Region AIS Database Study Group

MID Region AIS Database Study Group First Meeting (MIDAD STG/2)
(Cairo, Egypt, 1 - 3 July 2013)



Invitation Letter                                                         







​WP No.

Agenda  Item

WP/1 1​ ​Provisional agenda and election of Chairperson
WP/2​ 2​ ​MIDANPIRG/13 and DGCA-MID/2 Conclusions and Decisions relevant to MIDAD
​WP/3 3 Review of the Initial MIDAD Study (Phase 1)
WP/4​ ​5 ​Future Work Programme
​WP/5 ​4 The Consultant
​WP/6 ​4 MIDAD Project - IDS Vision
​WP/7 4 MIDAD Project
WP/8 ​4 Developments in the World and MIDAD Requirements​




IP No.
Agenda  Item
IP/1​ ​List of Working and Information Papers
IP/2​ ​Daily Order of Business and Work Programme




PPT​     ​IDS MIDAD STG/2 Presentation                      
PPT​     ​ ​AVITECH MIDAD STG/2 Presentation                           
PPT   ​ ​FREQUENTIS MIDAD STG/2 Presentation                                      





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