ICAO MID Regional Runway Safety Seminar (MID-RRSS)

ICAO MID Regional Runway Safety Seminar (MID-RRSS)
Amman, Jordan, 14 to 16 May 2012




The Big Picture MID​
Need for Collaborative Approach​
Pilot and airline - Incursion hazards autosaved ​
Airport - Incursion hazards​
ATC - Incursion hazards​
​Pilots and airline - Excursion hazards
​Airport - Excursion hazards
​ATC - Excursion hazards
Regional lessons learned ​
​Role of RST in Emergency response
​Issues for GA and bus jets




Scenario by moderator​
​Pilot considerations
Airport considerations​ ​​
ATC considerations​
RSTs described ​ ​​
​Role of the Regulator
RST processes​ ​​
​Available technologies
​Pilot mitigations ​​
​Airport mitigations ​​
​ATC mitigations ​​




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