MIDANPIRG CNS/ATM/IC Sub-Group (CNS/ATM/IC SG/6) Sixth Meeting
Cairo, Egypt, 31 January - 2 February 2012



​WP No. Agenda Item​ ​Title
WP/1​ ​1 ​Provisional Agenda
​WP/2 ​2 ​Review status of MIDANPIRG/12 and DGCA-MID/1 Conclusions and Decisions relevant to CNS/ATM
WP/3​ 3​ Twelfth Air Navigation Conference​
​WP/4 3​ Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU)​
WP/5​ 3​ Review of the outline and objectives for revised GANP ​
WP/6​ 4​ ​Amendment to the homogeneous ATM and major traffic flows/routing areas in Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP)
WP/7​ 4​ MID Region Performance Metrics and Performance Framework Forms (PFFs) ​
WP/8​ 4​ ICAO fuel savings estimation tool (IFSET), and measurements of environment benefits from operation improvements ​
​WP/9 4​ ​State action plans for CO2 emission reduction workshop
WP/10​ 5​ Status of PBN implementation in the MID Region​
WP/11​ ​5 MID Region GNSS strategy and related issues​
​WP/12 ​5 INFPL implementation in the MID Region ​
WP/13​ 5​ ADS-B Mode and other surveillance related matters ​
​WP/14 6​ New format and content of the MID Basic ANP and FASID​
WP/15​ 4​ ​MID Region operational improvements
​WP/16 7​ Future Work Programme​
WP/17​ 4​ Unification of 10NM radar longitudinal separation minima for traffic operation within the ICAO Middle East Region​
WP/18​ ​4 National Performance Framework Forms​
​WP/19 ​5 ​Mode "S" operation in the MID Region




​IP No. ​Agenda Item Title​
​IP/01 -​ ​List of Working and Information Papers
IP/02​ ​- ​Daily Order of Business and Work Programme
​IP/03 5​ ​The latest developments of CNS/ATM Systems in Jordan




Creating Operational Improvements Through Aviation System Block Upgrades
(Nancy Graham - Director, Air Navigation Bureau) ​


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