Aerodrome Operational Planning Sub-Group (AOP SG)

Aerodrome Operational Planning Sub-Group (AOP SG) Eighth Meeting
(Cairo, 13 – 15 February 2012)




​WP No. Agenda Item​ Title​
​WP/1 ​1 Revised provisional agenda ​
​WP/2 2​ Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/12 conclusions and decisions relevant to AOP field ​
​WP/3 3​
​Review of Part III - Aerodromes of the MID Region Air Navigation Plan (Basic ANP & FASID)
DOC 9708 Volumes I & II - AOP1 tables
WP/4​ ​4 Status of implementation of certification of aerodromes requirements in the MID Region ​
WP/5​ ​5 ICAO SMS/SSP evolution and current implementation status in the MID Region​
WP/6​ ​6 Review and update the status of implementation of runway operation safety and efficiency requirements at the aerodromes​
WP/7​ ​7 Aerodromes emergency planning in the MID Region​
WP/8​ ​8 Review and update the list of air navigation deficiencies in the AOP field ​
​WP/9 ​9 Review and update the MID Region performance objectives relevant to the aerodromes field ​
​WP/10 11​ Future work programme​
​WP/11 ​10 Twelfth Air Navigation Conference​
​WP/12 ​10 Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) ​


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