MIDANPIRG AIM Task Force Seventh Meeting (AIM TF/7)

​MIDANPIRG AIM Task Force Seventh Meeting (AIM TF/7)
(Cairo, 25 - 27 September 2012)



​WP No. ​Agenda Item ​Title
​WP/1 ​1 Adoption of the Provisional Agenda and Election of Chairperson
​WP/2 ​2 ​MIDANPIRG/13 Conclusions and Decisions relevants to AIM
​WP/3 ​3 ​Outcome of the AIS-AIM SG/6 Meeting
​WP/4 ​3 ​Amendment 37 to Annex 15
​WP/5 ​3 ​AN-CONF/12 and associated ASBU modules related to AIM/SWIM
WP/6​ ​4 ​National Plans for the transition from AIS to AIM
​WP/7 ​4 ​Progress made towards AIM implementation in the MID Region
​WP/8 ​4 ​Review and update of the AIM FASID Tables
​WP/9 ​4 ​MID Region AIS Database (MIDAD)
​WP/10 ​4 ​National and regional performance frameworks
​WP/11 ​5 ​AIS/MAP deficiencies in the MID Region
​WP/12 ​6 ​Future work programme
​WP/13 ​3 ​Introduction to System Wide Information Management (SWIM)
​WP/14 3​ ​Review of the Amendment 37 to Annex 15 and comments thereto
​WP/15 ​3 ​Global SWIM standardization and harmonization
​WP/16 ​3 ​Application of the information management principles
​WP/17 ​7 Middle East ANSP, Airspace Users and Stakeholder Engagement Initiative as an enabler to improve performance through collaboration
​IP No. Agenda Item​ ​Title
​IP/1 -​ ​List of Working and Information Papers
​IP/2 ​- ​Daily Order of business and Work Programme
​IP/3 ​4 ​Islamic Republic of Iran performance objectives - AIM Performance objectives
​◊  Licensing of AIM Personnel - Successful Experience in Iran​ ​






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