MIDANPIRG ATM/SAR/AIS Sub-Group Twelfth Meeting (ATM/SAR/AIS SG/12)

MIDANPIRG ATM/SAR/AIS Sub-Group Twelfth Meeting (ATM/SAR/AIS SG/12)
Cairo, Egypt, 21 – 24 November 2011




​WP No. Agenda Item​ ​Title
​WP/1 1​ ​Provisional Agenda
​WP/2 2​ Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/12 Conclusions and Decisions relevant to ATM, SAR and AIM Fields​
WP/3​ ​3 Improvement of the MID ATS Route Network ​
WP/4​ ​3 Allocation of Five-letter-name codes in the MID Region ​
WP/5​ ​4 ICAO New Flight Plan Format (INFPL) ​
WP/6​ ​4 20 NM Longitudinal Separation​
​WP/7 ​5 RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region ​
​WP/9 ​5 Outcome of the MID RVSM Scrutiny Group Second Meeting​
​WP/10 6​ Improvement of the MID SSR Code Allocation System ​
​WP/11 ​6 Analysis of the MID Regional Strategy for the allocation of SSR Codes in the MID Region ​
WP/12​ ​7 Implementation of Safety Management Systems in Air Traffic Services​
​WP/13 ​8 ​Implementation of Contingency Plans in the MID Region
​WP/14 ​8 ​Regional Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan
​WP/15 ​9 ​Search and Rescue provision in the MID Region
​WP/16 ​9 Civil/Military Coordination​
WP/17​ ​10 AIM Global Developments​
​WP/18 ​10 AIM Implementation in the MID Region​
WP/20​ ​12 ​AIM Task Force Terms of Reference (TOR)
​WP/21 11​ Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies ​
​WP/23 ​12 Review of the ATM and SAR Parts of the MID Air Navigation Plan (ANP)​
​WP/24 ​13 ​MID Region ATM and AIM Performance Objectives
WP/25​ 15​ Future Work Programme ​
​WP/26 4​ ​Reduced horizontal separation in the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal



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