Eighteenth Meeting of the Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group 

Eighth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group

(MIDANPIRG/18 & RASG-MID/8 Meetings)


(Virtual Meetings, 15 - 22 February 2021)

Invitation Letter  
List of Participants
Final Report Full
Final Report without Appendices


Working Papers/Powerpoint Presentations (WPs/PPTs)


WP/PPT #Agenda Item #​WP/PPT Title
1​1Adoption of Provisional Agenda

Review of action taken by the ANC and the Council on MIDANPIRG/17 and RASG-MID/7 Report

3​2Revised Generic Terms of Reference of the PIRGs and RASGs and Consequential Amendments to MIDANPIRG and RASG MID Procedural Handbooks
​Global and Regional Developments related to COVID-19
5​3​Follow-up on the joint Conclusions of  MIDANPIRG/17 and RASG-MID/7; and

Subjects of interests between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID

6​3RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region
7​3​Coordination between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID
​8​2Global Aviation developments
Follow-up on the RASG-MID/7 and RSC/7 Conclusions and Decisions
​9th MID Region Annual Safety Report (2020) and Progress achieved with regard to Safety Targets

​MID RASP, MID Region Safety Strategy and SEIs

​Aerodromes Certification and Runway Safety Teams Implementation

​Strategy for the Enhancement of Cooperation in the Provision of AIG Services in the MENA Region

​RASG-MID CART Implementation Plan of Actions

​RASG-MID ORG Structure, Working Arrangements and Chairmanship

​RASG-MID Terms of Reference and Procedural Handbook

​Fifth MID Region Safety Summit
19​2ANSP Preparation for Global Pandemics​
​20​5.2.1Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/17 and MSG/7 Conclusions and Decisions
​21​5.2.2MID Region Air Navigation Priorities and Targets (MID AN Reports)​
​22​5.2.3Revised MID Air Navigation Strategy
​23​5.2.4Revised MID ANP (Vol II and Vol III)
245.2.6​​AIM other issues
​255.2.6​​PBN Implementation
265.2.6​AGA/AOP Matters​
​27 5.2.5Proposal for Amendment (PFA) of the ICAO MID ANP-Volume I (Serial No: MID ANP-I 20/01 - ATM/SAR)
​285.2.6Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)
​29​5.2.6FIFA World Cup 2022 (FWC 2022)
305.2.6ATM other issues
​315.2.6Update on SAR Implementation
​32​5.2.6AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS Routing table & MID AMC Operation
33​5.2.6​CNS Navigation Matters
​345.2.6​Review of the MID Region Surveillance Plan
35​5.2.6Frequency management matter
​365.2.6OPMET Data Exchange – Status on Implementation of ROC and IWXXM
​375.2.6World Area Forecast System (WAFS) Updates
385.3​​Air Navigation Deficiencies
39​5.4.1MIDANPIRG Organization Structure, Working Arrangements and Chairmanship
405.4.2​MIDANPIRG Terms of Reference and Procedural Handbook
​Dates and Venue of MINDAPIRG/19 and RASG-MID/9
42​7Updated of the Lists of MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID Members/Alternates/Advisors
​43​3​Establishment of a Regional UTM Task Force
​44​5.2.3​Realization of FF-ICE Concept - 4D Trajectory Model
​45​5.2.6​Flexible Use of Air Traffic control Simulation During Period of Abnormal Traffic Levels
​46​5.2.6​Due Regard Operations, Awareness and Associated Regulations
​47​5.4.1MIDANPIRG Chairperson Election Guideline Proposal​
​48​5.2.5Bahrain’s Objection to the Proposal for Amendment of MID ANP Vol. I for the Establishment of Qatar FIR
​49​5.2.5Proposal for Amendment (PfA) of the ICAO MID ANP - Volume I for the Establishment of Qatar FIR
505.1​Bahrain ​New Area Control Centre & Air Traffic Management Systems


Information Papers (IPs)


IP #Agenda Item #​IP Title
​1​List of Working Papers, Presentations and Information Papers
​2​Work Programme and Order of Business
​35.2.6UAE AIP Digital Dataset Activities

FAA's Model Civil Aviation Regulations Version 2.10

​5​2​Remote Performance of Regulatory Certification and Oversight Activities
​2ICAO Government Safety Inspector Course Conversion to Virtual Delivery
7​4.2.4FAA Aerodrome Safety Efforts
8​5.1​Bahrain New Area Control Centre
​9​2.3​Bahrain Air Traffic Service Continuity Measures during COVID-19 Pandemic Developments
​10​5.1​Bahrain Air Navigation Human Resource Development




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