Nineteenth Meeting of the Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group 

Ninth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group


(Saudi Arabia, 14 - 17 February 2022)

Invitation Letter  
Reminder - Entry Visa/Health Requirements 
​Final Report Full
Final Report without Appendices

Working Papers/Powerpoint Presentations (WPs/PPTs) 


WP/PPT #Agenda Item #​WP/PPT Title
1Adoption of the Provisional Agenda
​WP/22.1​​Review of action taken by the ANC on MIDANPIRG/18 and RASG-MID/8 Reports
​WP/3​2.2Outcomes of the High-Level Conference on COVID-19 (HLCC 2021) Safety Stream​
​PPT/4​2.​ICAO Technical Cooperation and Training activities supporting MIDANPIRG &RASG-MID
​PPT/62.3​​Current status of the Implementation of the 20 CART Recommendations in the MID Region
​PPT/7​2.3​MID Region Recovery Plan Task Force (MID RPTF) Updates, Activities and Outcomes
​PPT/8​2.3CAPSCA MID/9 Outcomes​
​PPT/102.4​​Regional Projects (MENA ARCM & MID-FPP)
​PPT/11​2.5​MID Region State of Air Transport
3.1Follow-up on PIRG/RASG MID Conclusions and Decisions
​​PPT/133.2​​MID Region Safety Priorities (Organizational issues; Operational and Emerging Risks)
​WP/14​3.3​MID Region readiness for the Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) Implementation
​WP/15​3.3​RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region
​WP/16​3.3​GNSS & Radio Altimeter Interferences
​PPT/18​3.4​MID Region Dashboard GRF Implementation
​PPT/193.4​​New Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) Planning and Design
​WP/20​4.1​Global Aviation Safety developments
​PPT/214.1​Global Aviation Safety developments​
​WP/22​4.2​Follow-up on the RASG-MID/8 Conclusions and Decisions
​WP/234.3​​Outcomes of the ASRG/3 meeting
​PPT/24​4.3​10th MID ASR
​WP/25​4.4​Outcomes of the SEIG/3
​WP/264.5​AGA-AOP Safety Matters​
WP/274.5Aerodrome Safety Dashboard
​WP/28​4.6Outcomes of the AIIG/1 meeting
​PPT/29​4.6​Detecting Take Off Performance Errors Past TO/GA
​WP/30​4.7​RASG-MID Working Arrangements and Election of Chairpersons
​WP/31​4.8​Fourth Edition of the RASG-MID Procedural Handbook
​WP/32​4.9​Future Work Programme including 5th MID Region Safety Summit
​PPT/335.1​Global Air Navigation Developments​
WP/34​5.2​Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/18 Conclusions and Decisions​
​WP/355.3​MID Region Air Navigation Report - 2021​
​PPT/36​5.3​MID Region Air Navigation Priorities and Targets
​WP/375.4​Digital Datasets planning and implementation​
​WP/385.4MIDAD Project​
​WP/395.4​MID Region AIM Implementation Roadmap​
​WP/405.4​NOTAM issues/​proliferation
​WP/41​5.5Status of PBN Implementation Roadmap
​WP/42​5.5​Outcomes of the MID FPP SC/1 Meeting
WP/43​5.6AGA-AOP Air Navigation Matters​
​WP/44​5.7​MID ATS Route Network Table
​WP/455.7​​MID ATFM Implementation
​WP/465.7​​FWC 2022
​WP/47​5.7​MID Region ATM Contingency Plan
​WP/48​5.7​Civil /Military Cooperation/Flexible use of Airspace (CMC/FUA)
​WP/49​5.7​MID Region High Level Airspace Concept (HLAC)
​WP/50​5.7​Usage of ATC Simulators
​WP/51​5.7​SAR Implementation Issues
​WP/52​5.8​Frequency Management
WP/53​​5.8Communications Matters​
​WP/54​5.8​ANS Cyber Security
​WP/555.8​ADS-B Implementation​
​WP/56​5.9MET Implementation Issues​
​WP/57​5.10​Air Navigation Deficiencies
​WP/585.10​MID Air Navigation Deficiency Management Process (MID AND-MP)
​WP/59​5.11​MIDANPIRG Working Arrangements and Election on Chairpersons
​WP/60​5.12​MIDANPIRG Procedural Handbook
​WP/61​5.13​Future Work Programme
​WP/625.8​G-5 Interference to Aircraft Radio Altimeters​
​PPT/635.7​Bahrain New ACC and ATM Projects
​PPT/64​5.7​Bahrain SAR
WP/65​5.8Use of Wireless Links for Navigational Aids Monitoring and transfer of Surveillance Data - Saudi Arabia
​PPT/665.13​​Airports Sustainability Assessments - Saudi Arabia
​WP/67​4.9​Certification and Authorization of Water Aerodromes - Saudi Arabia
WP/68​4.9​Development of Regional Rotorcraft/Helicopter Workgroup (RWG-MID) - Saudi Arabia
​WP/69​3.3​Mitigation of Possible Harms to Radio Altimeters 5G Networks - Saudi Arabia
​WP/70​5.7IFPS​ - Saudi Arabia
​PPT/71​5.8​Protecting Radio Altimeter Operatons Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) related to 5G - Saudi Arabia
​WP/725.8​ADS-B Privacy - Possible solutions​ - Saudi Arabia
​WP/735.8​Implementation of ADS-B​ - Saudi Arabia


Information Papers (IPs)


​IP # Agenda Item #I​P Title
List of Working Papers, Presentations and Information Papers
​2​Work Programme/Daily Order of Business
3​3.2​Associated Elements
​4​3.2​Data Analytics
​5​3.2​Positive Safety Culture
​6​3.3​UAS Integration
​7​5.7The CANSO Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Data Exchange Network for Cooperative Excellence (CADENCE)
​8​2.2​Outcomes of the High-Level Conference on COVID-19 (HLCC 2021) Facilitation Stream
9​5.4​UAE AIM SWIM Service
​103.4​​New Emerging Aviation Technologies and Safety Oversight Challenges
​117​​Cooperation for Local Manufacturing of Civil Aeronautical Products
​12​5.7​Airspace Change Process
​13​5.4​New AIM System Implementation
​14​5.7​Enhancement of Saudi Arabia Control Centres (SAMCC0 Capabilities
​15​5.8​Deployment of new Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radars Mode-S in Saudi Arabia
​16​5.4​Aiming to enable together
​173.2​The Flight Safety Foundation Global Safety Assessment Project



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