Seventeenth Meeting of the Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group 

Seventh Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group


(Cairo, Egypt, 15-18 April 2019)

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Working Papers (WPs) 


WP #Agenda Item #​WP Title
​11​​Provisional Agenda
​2​2​Review of action taken by the ANC on MIDANPIRG/16 and RASG-MID/6 Reports
​3​2​New Terms of Reference of PIRGs and RASGs
​4​2​AN-Conf/13 Outcome
​53​​Development of an economically viable aviation system in the MID Region
​64​​Subjects of common interest for MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID
​7​4​RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region
​84MID RVSM SMR 2017​
​94​GNSS Vulnerabilities​
​105.1​​Follow-up on the outcome of RASG-MID/6 and RSC/6 Meetings
​115.1​​Outcome of the Third Meeting of the Annual Safety Report Team (ASRT/3)
​12​5.1Aerodrome Certification​
​135.1​Implementation Progress​ of the Safety Enhancement Initiatives (SEI)s
​145.1​​Outcome of the Fourth MID Region Safety Summit & Revised MID Region Safety Strategy
​15​5.1Outcome of the MID-SST/5 Meeting
​16​5.1Recommendation for the ​Establishment of an ICAO Accident Investigation Working Group (AIWG) for the MID Region
​17​5.1​Strategy for the Enhancement of cooperation in the Provision of AIG Services
​185.1​​MENA RSOO
​195.2​​RASG-MID Working Arrangements
​20​5.2​RASG-MID Future Work Programme
​21​6.1Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/16 and MSG/6 Conclusions and Decisions​
​22​6.2​ASBU Implementation Monitoring MID Air Navigation Report
​236.2​MID Region Air Navigation Strategy​
​246.2​AIM matters​
​256.2​​PBN Approach Charts - Transition from RNAV to RNP
​266.2​AOP matter​
​27​6.2​Airspace Management Issues
​286.2​Outcome of the ATFM TF/2 and FWC2022 TF/2 Meetings​
​296.2​Contingency Planning​
​30​6.2Search and Rescue​
​31​6.2​Aeronautical Fixed Services (AFS) Matter
​32​6.2Frequency Management Matters​
​336.2​​Surveillance matters
​34​6.2​Cyber Security Issues
​356.2​MET Matters​
​366.2​MID eANP​
​376.2​​Collaborative Operational Enhancement Meeting Outcome (India/Oman/UAE/IATA)
​386.3​Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies​
​39​6.4​MIDANPIRG Working Arrangements
​406.4​MIDANPIRG Future Work Programme​
​417​​Dates and Venue of MIDANPIRG/18 & RASG-MID/8
​425.1​ACI's Support to ICAO MID Safety Strategy​
​43​6.2​Disruption of Air Traffic Flow caused by Pakistan airspace closure on the UAE Air Traffic
​44​6.2​Surveillance Sharing and Enhancements
​45​6.2ADSAG Developments​
​464​Call Sign Confusion​
​47​6.2Regional Collaboration for  Managing Contingency Situations
​48​6.4​Proposals to Amend MIDANPIRG Handbook
​495.1​​Experience of the State of Qatar in a Phased Implementation of the State Safety Programme (SSP)
​50​5.1​Preparation for the ICAO USOAP CMA Audit
​51​5.2​Proposals to Amend RASG-MID Handbook
​528​​Implementation of Team Resource Management in Air Traffic Management (ATM)


Information Papers (IPs)


​IP # I​P Title
​1​List of Working Papers and Information Papers
​2​Work Programme/Daily Order of Business
​4​List of MIDANPIRG Members
​6��List of RASG-MID Members
7​Digital Datasets


 Presentations (PPTs)


PPT # ​PPT Title
​1​Air Navigation and Safety Global Updates
​2​State Letters Online Monitoring Tool
​3​RASG-MID activities, achievements and challenges
​4​MIDANPIRG activities, achievements and challenges
​5​Regional Projects/Initiatives
​6​Regional Cooperation between ACAO and ICAO MID
​7​Global Aviation Satety Oversight System (GASOS)
​8​Global Aviation Safety Plan GASP 2020-2022
​9​Global Development related to Safety Management
​10​State Safety Programme and SMS Surveillance
​11​MID Safety Indicators and Targets
​12​Status of Air Navigation Indicators & Targets
​13​ACI's Support to ICAO MID Safety Strategy
​14​MID 7th Annual Safety Report
​15​State of Qatar Experience in the implementation of SSP
​16​State of Qatar Experience USOAP









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