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MID Docs

Doc 001​MIDANPIRG Procedural Handbook
Doc 002​MID Air Navigation Strategy
Doc 003​MID Region ATM Contingency Plan
Doc 004​MID High Level Airspace Concept
Doc 006MID Region AIDC-OLDI Implementation Guidance
Doc 007​MID Region PBN Implementation Plan
Doc 008​​​Guidance for AIM Planning and Implementation in the MID Region
​Doc 009​​MID Region SIGMET Guide
Doc 010​​MID Region Search and Rescue (SAR) Implementation Plan
Doc 011Guidance on GNSS Implementation in the MID Region_
Doc 012​ Guidance for the Implementation of OPMET Data Exchange using IWXXM
Doc 013MID Region Surveillance Plan
Doc 014  
​MID Air Traffic Flow Management Plan V2.0


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