Fifth Meeting of the APIRG Airspace and Aerodrome Operations Sub-Group

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Date & Time:  August 23, 2022 09 AM - 12 PM 

 August 24, 2022, 09 AM - 12 PM
 August 25, 2022, 09 AM - 12 PM
 August 26, 2022, 09 AM - 12 PM
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    • Invitation                                                                                                   ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment A - Provisional Agenda                                                        ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment B - Explanatory Notes to the Draft Agenda                      ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment C - Terms of Reference                                                       ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment D - Information bulletin                                                      ENG   |   FRE
    • Attachment E - WP Template                                                                  ENG   |   FRE
    • Order  of Business and Work Schedule                                                  ENG


Title​ ​Language
Adoption of the Agenda and the Work Programme

Status of the implementation of Conclusions and Decisions of the AAO/SG4 Meeting and APIRG/24 Meeting applicable to the AAO/SG

Appendix A:- Review of AAO/SG4 Conclusions and  Decisions

WP/3.1 A1
Status of implementation of applicable ASBU elements

Appendix 1 - ASBU Elements applicable in AOP

WP/3.1 A2
Update on the ASBU data collection Tool

Appendix 1 – ASBU data collection tool template

WP/3.1 B1
AFI ATM Master Plan Project Management Team Project Report

Appendix A - AFI ATM Master Plan Project Management Team

Appendix B - AFI ATM vision 2045 Future Concept of Operations

WP/3.1 B2
Implementation of The AFI Free Route Airspace (AFI FRA)

​Appendix: The Free Route operational concept for AFI - 2nd edtion

WP/3.1 B3
AFI SSR Code Management Plan (SSR CMP) - ASCAAR Project Report

WP/3.1 B4
Report of The Air Traffic Services Competency Study (ATSCS)

WP/3.1 B6
Implementation of Civil-Military Cooperation Airspace

WP/3.1 B7
Somali Civil Aviation Authority Airspace Upgrade

WP/3.1 B8
AFI Regional ATM Contigency Plan Review and Implementation Project Report

WP/3.1 B9
ICAO AFI ATM Summit 2023/24

WP/3.1 C1
Update on the status of Aerodrome Certification

WP/3.1 C2
Update on the status of implementation of GRF

WP/3.1 C3
Achievements in AOP and ATM SAR- Aerodrome Certification   Case of Zambia

WP/3.2 A1
Updating The AFI AIR Navigation Plan VOL I and II and Development on VOL.III

Appendix A- Procedure for Amendment (PFA) ANP

Update on the Operationalization of The AFI Air Navigation Deficiencies DATA (AANDD) Tool

Appendix A: - List of States/Organizations without AANDD Focal Points

Appendix B: - Minimum Reporting Areas

​WP/4 B
Aeronautical Information Deficiencies in the Aerodrome Environment

​​WP/5 A
Activities to be coordinated with RASG-AFI

WP/5 B
Activities to be coordinated with the RASG-AFI SSTs (Aspects that need coordination with RASG-AFI) -ARMA

Implementation challenges of the Subgroup

Review of the Terms of Reference and Work Programme of the AAO Sub-Group


Certification of YAOUNDE-NSIMALEN International Airport

Status of Implementation of Global Reporting Format (GRF) - Nigeria

Implementation of The GRF in CÔTE D’IVOIRE and the challenges encountered

Supporting Operational Measures for Green Aviation - CANSO Africa

Training and Qualification of AGA Technical Staff (Regulator and Airport Operators) Project

Status of implementation of Global Reporting Format by Rwanda

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