Eighth Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Security and Facilitation in Africa (AFI SECFAL Plan)

​17 May 2019, Kampala, Uganda​



​Tentative Agenda and Work Programme                                                English ​French​​



​WP/00​Election of the AFI SECFAL Plan Chairperson
​WP/01​Status of Implementation of the 7th SC Meeting Decisions and Recommendations ​​​​
​WP/02​Report on the Alignment AFI SECFAL Plan Work Programme ​​
​WP/03​Report of the Status Reports RASFALG AFI Activities​
​WP/04​Report on the  AFI SECFAL Plan Projects​​
​WP/05​Status of Implementation of Windhoek Targets
​WP/06​Status of implementation of ICAO TRIP Strategy PKD API in Africa and the African Passport project​​
WP/07​Progress of Implementation of  ACI APEX
WP/08​Progress of Implementation of CASE
WP/09​Report on ASTC activities; ESAF & WACAF
​WP/11​Proposed 2019 Work Programme and  Plan Financial Status


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